Created with You in Mind

These courses guide you through your own personal development journey by offering a plethora of online content and resources: each hand-picked with you in mind and organized in a stepwise fashion for you to follow. 


The material found in these courses will bring more knowledge, self-reflection, mindfulness, and positivity into your everyday life. 


In a world filled with mindless television and senseless social media scrolling, the information in these courses will provide you a with new form of entertainment: both educational and enlightening. 


Give yourself the gift of personal growth and dive in!

Who is Coach Ashlyn?

Coach Ashlyn is a mom, wife, life-long learner, and co-owner of Perfectfit4u Health Coaching.  

As a graduate of the University of Lethbridge in 2013, Ashlyn obtained her Bachelor of Science degree with great distinction and opened the doors to Perfectfit4u Health Coaching the year following. 


Over the last decade, Ashlyn has established herself as a health and fitness professional, a competitive athlete, an academic, and an expert in all things habit formation and personal development. 


With years of academia and coaching experience, Ashlyn has become the central component to hundreds of client success stories and weight loss transformations as she continues to emphasize the missing piece amongst the traditional “eat this and do that” fitness protocol. 


This piece: mindset.

Gain New Knowledge

By participating in a Coach Ashlyn Personal Development course, you will be introduced to new speakers with fresh insights on varying topics each week. Whether a novice to online content or a savvy PD vet, there is something for you to learn here.


Not only do these courses provide enlightening and educational content for you to enjoy, but they also invite you to reflect and dig deeper by offering a variety of journal prompts and discussion questions at the end of each lesson.

Personal Growth

These courses are the perfect supplement to any big life change. Whether joining a new fitness program, setting personal or professional goals, struggling through a life transition, or looking to gain better clarity in your day-to-day: the material found here will reinforce the importance of self-care, positive habits, and emotional well-being.